Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can i book the tour ?

You can book the tour you want – Please get to our website and click Booking icon on your screen and fill out the form. Should you need any information or any assistance, please contact with us by email or online supporting system.

2. What if I am a vegetarian or have food allergies or dietary restrictions?

Please let us know if you (or anyone in your group) are a vegetarian or have a dietary restriction when you purchase tickets. We will do our best to accommodate your needs.

3. Are your tours the same every day?

Our ever-changing menu of great street food changes every period of time. We try and make our tours as enjoyable for our guides as it is for our visitors so that everyone can enjoy the experience of sharing a great meal together.

For repeated customers, we would love to setup a new route for you to try!

4. What payment methods do you accept and what currencies can I use?

We currently accept payment in VND or USD on the day of the tour.

5. Your tours include street food. Is it safe to eat?

We researched and chose the best vendors and local restaurants which all must meet our demands.

These are reasons why our street food are safe:

- Street food has a very high turnover and is therefore always fresh
- You are able to see how the food is prepared and what goes into it
- Local restaurants that we pick are popular with local people
- Every restaurant that we include on our tours is carefully checked by us to ensure that the food is prepared in a safe and hygienic manner.

6. What should I bring on the tours?

For our tours you need very little as we provide most thing that you will need.

During the daytime tours, we strongly recommend that you bring sunscreen and sunglasses with you as the sun can be quite strong. During the nighttime tours, you don't need to bring much stuff.

A camera is always a good addition however we urge you not to take pictures while on the motorbike as this can be quite dangerous. If you wish to take pictures, please ask your guides to pull over. Also please take extra care of your camera in order to avoid theft.

7. What clothes should I wear on the tours?

As we offer many diverse tours and we recommend different clothes for different tours.

For our walking tours “TASTE OF MORNING IN SAIGON” we recommend that you should wear something comfortable and cool. Shorts, t-shirts and hats are ideal or light pants are also suitable.

For “SAIGON FOODIE ADVENTURE” we recommend that you wear light long pants and a sleeved T-shirt. The sun in Vietnam is quite strong and even though you wear sunscreen, it is quite easy to get sunstroke.
For “FOOD OF THE ALLEYS” and “TASTE OF SAIGON AFTER DARK” which take place in the evening, we recommend that you wear something comfortable and cool. Shorts and t-shirts are ideal or light pants are also suitable.

We strongly recommend that during our tours you leave all jewelry such as necklaces and earrings in your hotel in order to prevent them from being stolen. In addition, women shouldn’t wear skirts or dresses.

8. Is it safe to ride a motorbike in Saigon?

Driving in Ho Chi Minh City is actually relatively safe. Despite the chaotic driving conditions, accidents are actually quite rare as people drive quite slowly. Here in Saigon, local people are avoiding each other. If you cross the road, they will go around you.

If an accident does happen, it is usually quite minor due to low speed. But do not worry, our guides have received excellent training from us on how to drive defensively and cautiously.

9. Do I drive my own motorbike on the tour?

Unfortunately no.

Although riding a motorbike in Vietnam is an enjoyable experience, the traffic patterns in Ho Chi Minh City are quite chaotic and require an experienced and knowledgeable driver. It is also against Vietnamese law to drive without a license and if you get in an accident while driving your insurance will not cover you.

Our team of licensed guides has many years of experienced driving safely in Ho Chi Minh City and we are happy to drive you around the city. This also allows you to pay more attention to the sights and sounds of the city without worrying about millions of other motorbikes on the road.

10. Are your tours kid friendly?

Yes! We love to share our tours with kids.

Children 2 – 6 years : Free of charge
Children from 6 to 10 years : 60% of adult price
Children more than 10 years : Adult price

11. Can you cater to my food allergies/restrictions?

Definitely. Vietnam has many different local restaurants and food to choose from and we are able to create a tour that caters to most food sensitivities and restrictions. When you book your tour please specify your dietary restrictions and we will design a tour that meets your needs.

12. What happens if it rains before/during our tour?

Rain in Vietnam is quite common, especially during the raining season, however it usually does not last very long. If it is raining heavily, we will pull over and wait for it to stop and then continue. If it is a light rain, we will put on our rain ponchos and continue on the tour. If it does begin to rain and you no longer wish to continue with the tour, we will happily return you to your hotel and only charge you for the time that we have passed

13. Can I shop during the tour?

To stay on schedule and continue with the informative tour and food tastings in a timely manner, we ask that you please wait to shop until after the tour. You can allow time at the end of the tour to return to your favorite stores located in the map provided. Our guide can also help you with directions to them.

14. Are cameras allowed on the tour?

For motorbike tours:

A camera is always a good addition however we urge you not to take pictures while on the motorbike as this can be quite dangerous. If you wish to take pictures, please ask your guides to pull over. Also please take extra care of your camera in order to avoid theft.

For walking tours:

Definitely! Cameras (and videos) are allowed and encouraged during the tour.

15. Are walking tours given in bad weather?

Tours are held rain or shine. We also provide ponchos in case of sudden weather changes and you do not have your own umbrella. We only cancel our tour in an unlikely event of extreme bad weather. In that case, we will try our best to reschedule your tour or refund.

16. Are there restroom breaks during a tour?

Yes, restrooms are available at every food-tasting location during the tour.

17. How much walking is involved in a tour?

Walking tours are approximately 4 hours with many stops. We walk at a very leisurely pace. We will also have chances to sit at all 5 - 7 tasting locations.

18. What is the maximum group size for the tour?

In order to give you the most possible experience, we strive to keep our tour groups small.

Our private walking tours “TASTE OF MORNING IN SAIGON” and “FOOD OF THE ALLEYS” can accommodate 1-20 people at most.

Our private motorbike tours “SAIGON FOODIE ADVENTURE” and “TASTE OF SAIGON AFTER DARK” can accommodate group of 1-20 at most.