Bánh xèo – Vietnamese pancake

Sort of like a crepe, and sort of like a Thai oyster omelet, a Vietnamese bánh xèo is a crispy  savory snack that’s a favorite for many.

Just like bánh mì-Vietnamese baguette, bánh xèo is a bit of a French inspired Vietnamese culture creation.

A thin layer of batter is fried in a lot of oil, then combined with your choice of ingredients, often including slices of pork belly, shrimp, and onions, then folded over with a handful of lightly cooked bean sprouts in the middle.

You can really eat bánh xèo however you want, but the common method is to take a few leaves 

of lettuce or mustard leaves, load in a piece of the golden crispy crepe, top it with some more herbs like sweet basil and perilla leaves, add some chili (or a lot of it), roll it up like a green spring roll, and then dip the entire treat into the sweet Vietnamese fish sauce dressing.

Bánh xèo in the south of Vietnam is usually a big one while in other parts of Vietnam it is usually smaller.


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From: Street Food Man